Diabetes Treatment Center & Endocrinology Specialists in Huntington, New York

Seek top-quality care from the endocrinology specialists at our diabetes treatment center, the Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology, in Huntington, New York.

Compassionate Care
At the Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology, our primary goal is to provide compassionate, expert comprehensive patient care to those of you suffering from an endocrine-related disease. Our reputation and success are a reflection of the dedication and commitment of our doctors and staff. 

Maintaining the Values of Great Health Care
Although the delivery of health care has profoundly changed in recent years, at the Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology, we are proud to have maintained the values we believe ensure the most success in the care and treatment of patients.

During every visit, an endocrinologist always sees each patient, not a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant.

All of our endocrinologists are always available after hours in case of an emergency, and each patient admitted at Huntington Hospital can request to be treated by their endocrinologist.

Doctor and Patient, Endocrinology Specialists in Huntington, NY

A Leading Provider of Care
Since 1985, the Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology has been the leading provider of the highest quality and most advanced endocrine care in the New York area.

Since the program started, we have been awarded the prestigious National Certification of Physicians of Excellence and recognized as a CMS (Medicare) Certified Center of Excellence.

Visit our diabetes treatment center in Huntington, New York, or contact us to schedule an appointment for treatment.